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Kristina Hall
13 August 1983
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I am 23 years old, 4'11", poly, lesbian and involved in the Ottawa BDSM community and currently in a monogamous long-distance relationship with a fabulous girl with a totally drool-worthy accent.

I am a computer geek, artist type who likes to walk on the wild side from time to time. I like getting into discussions about psychology, sociology, and art. I am entertained by simple things yet enthralled by reading recent research. I love animals and spend a lot of quality time with my cat (Wire). I live in my very own two-bedroom apartment, so I do have a
"love-nest" I suppose. I love cartoons and collect Disney movies, watch Family Guy, Futurama, Invader Zim and go all girly watching musicals at random weird hours of the night.

I am completely out of the closet to all my friends, my immediately family and my co-workers. They all know of my interest in women, the fact I’m polyamorous, and that I practice BDSM. I am specializing in rope bondage (particularly the Japanese variety) and I’m always looking for someone willing to hold still while I practice. Although I don’t expect everyone to share my interests, I do expect you to respect and accept that I have them and not shrink away when I chatter about them.

In terms of what I'm looking for -- to learn, to meet people, to make friends, to experience new things and to test the waters.

What I'm Doing With My Life

I work in the technology field I suppose, but I'd describe it more as customer service, or "moron patrol" as some my friends amicably call it.

I work in a call center doing tech support for DSL, cable, voip telephone lines, and so on so forth, I also do billing and sales as well. It's for a small local based company that is trying to grow right now.

In terms of what I do when I'm off work... Well this is what I am trying to change. Currently I'm in a patten of eat, sleep, work, rinse, and repeat. I want to get out more, and be social. I love being around people and being a shut-in does not suit me. With this spirit of trying to be social I started Queer Women Ottawa, basically a social group for non-hetero women to meet up hang out and have some fun.

I live in my own place, pay my own bills, share my home with a crazy Bengal cat named Wire.

I'm Really Good At

Acting silly, being a cuddle slut, and talking techno babble.

Also, I draw well, and give good massages (or so I am told).

The First Thing(s) People Usually Notice About Me

That... I'm tiny?

I don't really know what people notice first. Meet me and tell me! ;)

My Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and Food are

a) I have a pile of abormal psychology textbooks, programming language manuals, web design books, and very little fiction. I read Anne Rice almost exclusively and loved her Sleeping Beauty series. I love the novel Tipping the Velvet, as well as Affinity by Sarah Waters.

b) Anastasia, Bambi, Bewitched, Chocolat, Family Guy Seasons 1 to 4, What Women Want, The Princess Bride, Truth About Cats & Dogs, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Will and Grace Season 3, and I'll add to this list later...

c) musicals, movie soundtracks, VNV Nation, honestly I have really varied tastes I can listen to pretty much anything and enjoy it. I always encourage people to send me some of their favorite music so I can have a listen.

d) homemade pizza, cheesecake, t-bone steak

The SIX Things I Could Never Do Without

1) My cat.

2) My home, my safe haven.

3) My computers, yes I said computerS.

4) My 28 GBs of music, & my MP3 player.

5) My medication (stupid ulcer, depression, and anxiety -- grr).

6) Sex, cuddles, and general lovings.

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